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Starcrossed - 2006
Gotta Get the Boy Back
Sanguine is the Night
Hungry Heart of Love
Livin' in the World
Backwards to Paradise
Moment to Moment
Soul of Dignity
Born Too Late
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Telegraph, Laura Allan - 1999
Next 2 You
Long Way 2 Hell
Sweet Lovemaker
Baby Blue
Day 2 Day World
Take a Walk
Broken Dreams
Slip & Slide
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Sideshow, Joel Siegel - 1997
Desperate Kids
Devour It
Working for the Man
Cynical and Fragile
So Fresh
Master of Hate
Mogul Mogul
Never one to pull punches, RJ FOX founding member Joel Siegel sings his songs about relationships, corporate takeovers, talk show hosts, professional nightmares and homeless kids in his first stunning debut album, released in 1997. All accompanied by Joel's trademark modal guitar work and a kickass rhythm section. Produced by Stephen Barncard.
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Retrospective Dreams, RJ Fox - 2 Disc Set
Disc 1
Lament #1
Night of Rides
Lady Amanda
Come to Me
Parallel Trains
Time of Prophets
Old Times Show
Disc 1 (cont.)
Nobody's Home
Indeed Candide
I'm So Glad I Found You
Caught Away
Runaway Life
Vagram Angel
Forever Disguised
Hollywood Scream
Runnin' With the Feelin'
Disc 2
To Be Born Again
Winter in Cloister
Stories of Two
Afternoon Slowdown
On the Shelf
Split Circle
Every Way of a Man
The Wake
The Fever
Disc 2 (cont.)
This Day
Queen of My Life
Long Long Ride
The Weatherman
Aren't You Glad
Rite of Passage
High Revs
Music Man
Parallel Reprise
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