In the beginning, there was R.J. Fox. Then there was the original Oasis. Today, there's STARCROSSED!

(Los Angeles) Laura Allen and Sherry Fox spent their early years in rock n' roll — and with the release of 'Starcrossed' they take listeners back to the time where hard-driving music and female lead singers ruled the airwaves.

Those familiar with the story of 'the greatest band you've never heard' know the secret behind the title, but the results are anything but 'starcrossed'.

Exhilarating, intoxicating, and sometimes wistful, Starcrossed, the new CD by Laura Allen and Sherry Fox hits the stores this week. Like the unexpected return of a former love, Starcrossed strikes chords that resonate, both musically and lyrically. Their powerful vocals lead a tight band of rockers captured live in the studio, and vividly reconnects to an era of rock that has been 'a long time gone,' but certainly not forgotten.

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